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ProSkill CTG


                                          Counterfeit Component Avoidance Training



DO NOT rely on 3rd Party testing facilities/organizations in place of Counterfeit Component Avoidance Training.   Several companies have fallen prey to this process in their attempts to save money; only to find out many components passed the required 3rd party testing but upon closer examination it was found out the parts were actually USED components pulled from discarded circuit cards.  The Department of Defense and their accepted standard SAE AS5553 states USED components are classified as Counterfeit and are not allowed in DoD equipment.  3rd Party testing is for testing, their process is for a pass/fail result, not for an overall Counterfeit Component Avoidance result.  Proper Training is critical for a COMPLETE counterfeit component avoidance process. 3rd party testing is important and it will give you a pass/fail result, but basic 3rd party testing will not give you the answer if the part is used and a pull. The interesting fact is  most used/pulled components will pass the customers basic required testing, the down and dirty way to prevent Counterfeit Component Avoidance training.  With that said, the Department of Defense's counterfeit component avoidance approved standard SAE AS5553/paragraph 3.1.1 mentions avoidance training is required for all who handle/process grey market components purchased from non-authorized distributors.  Learn how to  detect and avoid counterfeit components using detailed inspection methodology offered by ProSkill CTG.  All avoidance training Programs are based on SAE AS5553, SAE AS6081, SAE AS6171 and SAE AS6462. 

Updated  05-21-22

Consulting Services

Need advice about Counterfeit Componets? Our expert consultants are here for you. From improving your business process towards a solid counterfeit component risk mitigation to a simple ProSkill 3rd party evaluation of product prior to your actual purchase. You can count on us to provide a best practice solution.

We offer a wide range of Counterfeit Component consulting and inspection services, including recommending the equipment needed for a thorough component inspection.

Items include:

  • Product Screening
  • Supply Chain Counterfeit Component Control
  • Stock Room Material Screening
  • Counterfeit Component Procedure
  • Counterfeit Component Process Gaps
  • XRF Testing
  • Counterfeit Component Inspector Training
  • Terms and Conditions for Impounding/Seizing Counterfeit/Material.

Component Testing - Testing is only part of the the verification process and not the primary suspect counterfeit component determination. There are many ways to test a component as presented in our program/course, PRO-STD-001. Visual inspection is an absolute must to determine if a part is a "Pull", a previously used part plucked or scraped off from electronic e-waste. Military programs do not accept or allow used material in US defense equipment. The reliability risk is severe, not to mention safety and legal ramifications. The bottom line; testing is very important, however visual inspection for evidence of a used part is equally if not more important in determining final analysis. Worth repeating, visual Inspection, looking for the tell tale signs/marks a counterfeiter leaves behind is crucial in determining suspect /counterfeit material.   


Pro-Skill offers the unique service of inspecting product before a purchase is finalized. This unique service prevents latent issues in addition to maintaining a best practice model between supplier and customer. A true cost savings process.

Most suppliers want to sell their customers authentic components, however, they may not have the skill, knowledge, technique, or time it takes to recognize the workmanship flaws found in today's suspect counterfeit electronic components.

This service takes the guess work out of the issue for both parties. We review the product for workmanship and authenticity per the original component manufacturer's data sheet and specifications.


Using Categories/Check Points

The listed categories below have multiple check points within each of them. Pro-Skill inspects each check point. A Pro-Skill authenticity report is generated and shared with respective parties involved.

This service is one of the BEST methods used today in screening and intercepting suspect counterfeit material. Using this technique to filter out fakes is an excellent prevention process.

Pro-Skill Category 1 ............Packaging

Pro-Skill Category 2 ......Documentation

Pro-Skill Category 3 .......Part Markings

Pro-Skill Category 4.......Part Inspection

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