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ProSkill CTG


                                          Counterfeit Component Avoidance Training



DO NOT rely on 3rd Party testing facilities/organizations in place of Counterfeit Component Avoidance Training.   Several companies have fallen prey to this process in their attempts to save money; only to find out many components passed the required 3rd party testing but upon closer examination it was found out the parts were actually USED components pulled from discarded circuit cards.  The Department of Defense and their accepted standard SAE AS5553 states USED components are classified as Counterfeit and are not allowed in DoD equipment.  3rd Party testing is for testing, their process is for a pass/fail result, not for an overall Counterfeit Component Avoidance result.  Proper Training is critical for a COMPLETE counterfeit component avoidance process. 3rd party testing is important and it will give you a pass/fail result, but basic 3rd party testing will not give you the answer if the part is used and a pull. The interesting fact is  most used/pulled components will pass the customers basic required testing, the down and dirty way to prevent Counterfeit Component Avoidance training.  With that said, the Department of Defense's counterfeit component avoidance approved standard SAE AS5553/paragraph 3.1.1 mentions avoidance training is required for all who handle/process grey market components purchased from non-authorized distributors.  Learn how to  detect and avoid counterfeit components using detailed inspection methodology offered by ProSkill CTG.  All avoidance training Programs are based on SAE AS5553, SAE AS6081, SAE AS6171 and SAE AS6462. 

Updated  05-21-22

ProSkill offers two EXCELLENT  training programs depending on your needs/budget.  One is a comprehensive 2 day certification program with lab/exam, and certificate.   The other is a 5 hour in depth awareness program,  our awareness training program  offers counterfeit component prevention information not found by surfing the net..  The awareness program  is not  self teaching CD program.   Both of OUR  training programs are meaningful and extremely helpful in detecting and preventing Counterfeit Components from hitting your receiving dock.  Both programs will help satisfy ISO/Customer requirements.

 Our programs are based  SAE AS5553 paragraph 3.1.1

Call and schedule your counterfeit component prevention training now. Demonstrate to your customer you are serious by complying to the current laws and standards regarding this worldwide issue.  Our  counterfeit component prevention training programs  are like no other in the United States, or the World for that fact, exclusively offered by ProSkill CTG, Blackfox Training Institute, and Global Electronic Testing Services (GETS).     Please call (321)-987-0153

 Counterfeit Component Prevention Outline

  • PRO-STD-001 - A Counterfeit Component Quality Assurance Inspection and procurement course
  • Suspect Counterfeit Component Detection and Inspection Categories and Techniques
  • Audit of current counterfeit component procedure/s includes full gap analysis
  • Counterfeit Component Inspection by recognizing, refurbished, blacktopped, or pulled components from discarded and scrapped circuit board assemblies
  • Stockroom/Warehouse Counterfeit Component Screening/Auditing assistance
  • Immediate Disposition of Suspect Counterfeit Material
  • Implementation of a “No Value Add” clause into your T/Cs regarding counterfeit components.
  • ProSkill CTG offers a Universal Counterfeit Component Prevention and Mitigation Procedure
  • What Component buyers need to know regarding counterfeit components.